Class of '07 Pac-10 team recruiting needs

Originally Published: August 18, 2006
By Steve Muench | Scouts Inc.
While sophomore Mike Thomas may be Arizona's best receiver, two juniors and a senior round out the top four. The Wildcats have already started to address this issue by signing Terrell Turner out of Garland, Texas, but they need to continue to add depth.

That being said, Arizona's more pressing needs lie on the defensive side of the ball. With both of the starters juniors and the top backup a senior, the Wildcats need to make defensive tackle a recruiting priority.

Strongside linebacker is another concern heading into the 2007 season because starter Dane Krogstad is a junior and backup Marcus Hollingsworth is a senior.

Steve Muench played four years of Division I-AA football before joining Scouts Inc. in 2002. He has evaluated both NFL and college players for Scouts Inc., but his current focus is on the NFL draft.