Lance Stephenson Advanced Stats

'14-'15 (Projected)

Scouting report
+ Big, combo guard who might be the most wildly confident player in the game.
+ Triple-double threat who rarely gets to the line or keeps his cool.
+ Physical, fearless defender. "Attack, attack, attack" mentality.

Well, this should be interesting. After blossoming into an All-Star candidate in Danny Granger's absence in Indiana, Stephenson cashed in on his career year with the Hornets. The volatile 24-year-old figures to be the primary scorer in Charlotte's backcourt, but it will be interesting to see if he can continue his meteoric rise after getting a three-year, $27 million contract.

Stephenson became a GIF-maker's hero as he morphed into a caricature of himself in the playoffs by blowing into LeBron James' ear in the middle of the game and declaring he was in James' head. But that obscures what was another big step forward for Stephenson. He became much more capable in the pick-and-roll and raised his PER for a third-straight season. His 3-point percentage jumped to 35.2 percent, and he racked up five triple-doubles. Defensively, he was much better than people gave him credit for.

However, the All-Star hype for Born Ready was a bit much. His PER was just below average at 14.7 the past season, and real plus-minus agreed he was not a premier shooting guard. Going forward, SCHOENE expects him to be a below-average shooting guard for Charlotte, but he's young enough to prove us wrong. The skills are there, but the question remains whether he's motivated enough now that he's making nine times as much as he did the past season.