David West Advanced Stats

'14-'15 (Projected)

Scouting report
+ One of league's most consistent pick-and-pop threats
+ Has shown heightened passing skills late in career
+ Excellent defender at position who lets team play big

One player whom the Pacers will almost certainly lean on with more frequency is David West. He's a consistent shooter in the post and with his uncanny midrange jumper, with 2-point field goal percentages that have landed between 49 and 51 percent in each of the last five seasons. His usage fluctuates depending on what's going on around him, yet West just keeps stroking in those pick-and-pop jumpers. He's a rare player whose efficiency seems to trend up the more looks he gets, so if he uses three or four percent more possessions, his success rate should be fine. Goodness knows, Indiana will need him to use those additional possessions.

West's floor game is also remarkably consistent with one exception: Suddenly over the last two years, his assist rates have reached career-best levels. Since the Pacers don't have a pure point guard who can break down a defense, it's likely Frank Vogel will run a lot of sets through West at the elbow, though you don't want him to hold the ball too much when his ability to shoot after a ballscreen is so effective. West is a solid, consistent defender who protects the lane and allows the Pacers to stay big no matter who is on the floor.