Cavs-Celtics: Not a playoff preview

Things would look different if teams met in May, but tonight's outcome could be crucial

Originally Published: March 6, 2009
By John Carroll | Scouts Inc.

The matchup Friday between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers has been billed as a preview of the Eastern Conference finals. After locking horns in a seven game series that was one of the most captivating of the 2008 NBA playoffs, the anticipation for Friday's game is understandable. However, due to injury and recent player acquisitions, this game will not be a true representation of what fans are hoping for come May.

John Carroll

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John Carroll joined Scouts Inc. after nine years as an NBA coach, including a seven-year tenure with the Boston Celtics that concluded with a four-month stint as interim head coach in 2003-04. Before joining the NBA, Carroll spent six years as head coach at Duquesne University and seven years at Seton Hall as an assistant to head coach P.J. Carlesimo.