Turkoglu shakes up free-agent market

The Blazers and Raptors still have decisions to make after the Turkoglu reversal

Updated: July 5, 2009, 3:54 PM ET
By John Hollinger |
Hedo TurkogluChris Graythen/Getty ImagesTurkoglu's about-face will reshape the landscape in Portland, Toronto and other places.

Anyone who saw the footage of Hedo Turkoglu meeting Blazers bigwigs at Portland International Airport on Thursday had to get a little bit of a weird feeling. Especially any married guys. Turkoglu came alone, amid rumors that his wife very strongly preferred to be in Toronto, and I remember thinking at that very moment that the Blazers' recruiting pitch was doomed to failure. It was going to be tough to sell her on the charms of Portland if she wasn't there.