Trade Buzz: 20 who might move

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Originally Published: February 4, 2010
By Chad Ford |
Amare StoudemireLayne Murdoch/NBAE/Getty ImagesWe're here to help you get a grasp on what could happen to Amare Stoudemire at the trade deadline.

In the final two weeks before the Feb. 18 trade deadline, we are expecting to hear trade chatter increase immensely. At the moment, though, things are a little quiet, according to the NBA general managers I've spoken with this week.

One factor appears to be the looming battle over the next collective bargaining agreement, with negotiations expected to start soon. In front offices around the league, the feeling is that owners will fight for major concessions from the players in the next CBA, perhaps even a hard salary cap. With the uncertainty over the new CBA and the economy, some GMs are taking a cautious tack.

Chad Ford

Senior Writer, NBA Insider