Draft grades: 30 team evaluations

How did your squad perform on draft night? We hand out report cards.

Originally Published: June 28, 2014
By Chad Ford | ESPN.com

Every year I do draft grades just hours after the draft. In my day job, I'm a college professor -- this exercise feels like giving students final grades after the first day of class. There's so much we just don't know about teams, minutes and fit. In other words, these grades are subjective and unfair. In truth, the time to grade this draft is at least two years from now.

So why do it? To get an instant reaction on the future of every team in the league. What I write now won't be the definitive word on this draft, but it's a way to start the conversation.

Here's our take on how every team in the league did on Thursday:

Chad Ford

Senior Writer, NBA Insider