Gary Harris should land in lottery

4/15/2014 - NBA

On Monday, Michigan State guard Gary Harris announced his intention to enter the 2014 NBA draft. To help readers get to know top NBA draft prospects, Insider offers a 360-degree look at many of them in a scouting report featuring three expert perspectives: Kevin Pelton (analytics), Amin Elhassan (scouting) and Chad Ford (NBA front offices).

Gary Harris | 6-4, 210 pounds | SHOOTING GUARD | SOPHOMORE

Chad Ford's Top 100: No. 10
Strengths: Shooting, Steal%, TO%, PF% | Weakness: FTA%, Rebound%
WARP projection: 2.0 (eighth among top 100)
Comparables: Xavier Henry (96.0), Daniel Gibson (94.0), Terrico White (92.9), Jeremy Lamb (92.8)