Anemic backcourt hurts Cavs

LeBron James -- the Chosen One -- is going to be the Exhausted One pretty soon because his supporting cast provides little help.

Updated: April 6, 2005, 12:30 PM ET
By John Hollinger | ESPN Insider
LeBron James has been the go-to guy for Cleveland all season, but this is ridiculous.

With their playoff chase on, the Cavaliers have James playing an average of 46 minutes a game over the past 10 games, yet they've won only four of them. It's not James's fault – he has played splendidly, averaging 28.7 points during that period. But the Chosen One is going to be the Exhausted One pretty soon, and the reason is a supporting cast that provides little help.

The Cavs' latest attempted fix came with the decision to replace Jeff McInnis at the point with Eric Snow. It's a lose-lose proposition – they can either play McInnis and watch opposing point guards run wild or they can play Snow and watch the offense go south. As a result, the Cavs have been shifting even more of the burden onto poor LeBron, who ran the point for much of the past two games.

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