Kiss 'Em Goodbye: Oakland A's

Injuries and an anemic offense led to another mediocre season by the Bay

Originally Published: September 23, 2011
By Baseball Prospectus, Jim Bowden and Dan Szymborski | ESPN Insider
Gio GonzalezMichael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty ImagesAs the A's have done before, they may have to trade their ace, Gio Gonzalez, to net an impact hitter.

Kiss 'Em Goodbye is a series focusing on MLB teams as their postseason dreams fade -- whether in September (or before), the league division series, league championship series or World Series. It combines an overview from Baseball Prospectus, a front-office take from former MLB GM Jim Bowden, a best- and worst-case scenario ZiPS projection for 2012 from Dan Szymborski and Kevin Goldstein's farm system overview.

Today the sun sets on the Oakland A's, who watched their top two pitchers head for surgery and their offense sputter on life support.