Kiss 'Em Goodbye: New York Yankees

New York's offense will keep club afloat, but things get tricky if CC opts out

Originally Published: September 27, 2011
By Baseball Prospectus, Jim Bowden and Dan Szymborski | ESPN Insider
CC SabathiaAP Photo/Winslow TownsonCC Sabathia will be in line for another big contract if he opts out of his current deal.

Kiss 'Em Goodbye is a series focusing on MLB teams as their postseason dreams fade -- whether in September (or before), the league division series, league championship series or World Series. It combines an overview from Baseball Prospectus, a front-office take from former MLB GM Jim Bowden, a best- and worst-case scenario ZiPS projection for 2012 from Dan Szymborski and Kevin Goldstein's farm system overview.

Today we give a Michael Kay "see ya" to the New York Yankees, who were defeated in the ALDS by the Detroit Tigers.