The peril in trading for Matt Kemp

His name may be a brand, but his play and contract are problematic

Originally Published: July 23, 2014
By Dan Szymborski | ESPN Insider

Matt KempVictor Decolongon/Getty ImagesOnce-elite Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp has a minus-1.4 WAR this season.

At last week's ESPYS, no award was handed out for "Rumor That Refuses to Die." If such an award had existed, though, the relentless talk of a possible Matt Kemp trade would have been a decent candidate.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have maintained a crowded outfield for some time, and there are always plenty of teams looking for a quick fix to their lineup. As such, Kemp's name has come up often over the past two years as a possible acquisition for production-hungry teams such as the Seattle Mariners.

But consider this a word of warning: No matter who's in the hunt, acquiring Kemp would be regrettable.