Orioles must lean on their bullpen

In a one-game playoff, O's relievers might be better option than starter

Originally Published: October 4, 2012
By Ben Lindbergh | Baseball Prospectus
Jim JohnsonRob Carr/Getty ImagesWith Jim Johnson and the bullpen, should the O's yank their starter after one inning?

A Baltimore Orioles fan might put money on the O's to win their wild-card play-in game against the Texas Rangers on Friday night, but a betting man wouldn't, at least with even odds. Then again, by now the betting man might have already gone broke backing Baltimore's opponents.

The Orioles have spent the whole season surprising people. First, they flouted the expectation that they couldn't compete in the AL East, then the near-certainty that they couldn't sustain their early-season success (or, for that matter, their success later in the season). To reach the American League Division Series, they'll have to have one more surprise in store.

Ben Lindbergh

Baseball Prospectus
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