Scouting reports: Cincinnati Reds

This is one of the weaker playoff teams, but its lineup could mash

Originally Published: October 3, 2010
By Keith Law | ESPN Insider
Getty ImagesWill we see many more Reds' celebrations this October? The way they hit, we just might.

The Reds coasted through the final two months of the season as the St. Louis Cardinals faded after sweeping Cincinnati in what looked -- at the time -- like a pivotal series in the race for the National League Central title, but it turned out that the Reds were the better club. With some help from a friendly home park, the Reds led the NL in runs scored, but also ended up above average in run prevention thanks to an adequate pitching staff and a very strong defense. If manager Dusty Baker hasn't run his young arms into the ground and doesn't overmanage the club in October, the Reds won't be an easy opponent in any series despite the weak competition they faced en route to the postseason.