Kiss 'Em Goodbye: Minnesota Twins

Their offense disappeared in the ALDS, but how long can they contend?

Originally Published: October 11, 2010
ESPN Insider
Getty ImagesEven as his age creeps steadily upward, Jim Thome had a heck of a year for the Twins.

Kiss 'Em Goodbye is a series focusing on MLB teams as their postseason dreams fade -- whether in September (or before), the League Division Series, League Championship Series or World Series. It combines a broad overview of this season from Buster Olney, a take from Baseball Prospectus, a look toward a potential 2011 move courtesy of Rumor Central and Kevin Goldstein's farm system overview. You can find all the teams on one page by going here.

Now, it's time to kiss the Minnesota Twins -- the first playoff team to exit -- goodbye.