Kiss 'Em Goodbye: Chicago White Sox

If Peavy is healthy and Konerko back, do they have enough to catch the Twins?

Originally Published: October 2, 2010
ESPN Insider
Ozzie GuillenJonathan Daniel/Getty ImagesOzzie Guillen's team had a strong year, but just didn't have enough to overtake the Twins.

Kiss 'Em Goodbye is a series focusing on MLB teams as their postseason dreams fade -- whether in September (or before), the League Division Series, League Championship Series or World Series. It combines a broad overview of this season from Buster Olney, a take from Baseball Prospectus, a look toward an immediate 2011 move courtesy of Rumor Central and Kevin Goldstein's farm system overview. You can find all the teams on one page by going here.

Now, it's time to kiss the Chicago White Sox goodbye.