Atlanta Braves remain NL East faves

Even without Chipper Jones and Martin Prado, they have enough to reach October

Originally Published: August 17, 2010
By Joe Pawlikowski | FanGraphs
Getty ImagesBobby Cox's final run in Atlanta still has legs left.

At the end of April, the situation for the Atlanta Braves looked bleak. After defeating the Philadelphia Phillies on April 20, the Braves were tied atop the NL East, but they promptly lost nine games in a row to fall five back in a division occupied by the two-time defending NL champs.

By the end of May, though, the Braves came back to lead the division, and they still do. They have a roughly 88 percent chance of making the playoffs. Even if the Phillies overtake them, they would lead the wild-card race, and at this point, with injured third baseman Chipper Jones out for the season, they'd take a bid any way they can get it.