The true MVP of the '00s

Albert Pujols has been great since 2001, but another NL star offers more value now

Originally Published: December 23, 2009
By Dave Cameron |
Getty ImagesSince becoming a regular, Chase Utley has been the most valuable player in baseball.

Editor's note: Over the past two weeks on, writers and editors have been looking back at the past decade in baseball -- and looking ahead to the future. On Wednesday, Dave Cameron of FanGraphs identifies baseball's most valuable player at the close of the aughts.

Albert Pujols' greatness is unquestioned. He won his second consecutive National League MVP award this year (his third overall), and this time around, he took home every first-place vote. He's finished in the top four in MVP voting in eight of the nine years he's been in the majors, and he hasn't even turned 30. Yet there is another National League player who is just as valuable, if not more so, and receives none of the accolades. Seriously.