Kiss 'Em Goodbye: Philadelphia Phillies

They didn't go all Big Red Machine on us, but what about two of three?

Originally Published: November 6, 2009
By Buster Olney, Baseball Prospectus and Insider staff | ESPN Insider

Insider's series on MLB teams that are done for the year continues with the Philadelphia Phillies, who didn't repeat despite taking Game 1 of the World Series on the gem hurled by Cliff Lee. So with the futures of Brad Lidge and Cole Hamels unclear -- what now?

Baseball Prospectus' preseason PECOTA projection: 87-75, T-second place, NL East
Actual record: 93-69, first place, NL East

The Phillies have a ton of question marks, but their core talent should keep them above water in what figures to be a highly-competitive NL East next year.

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