BP Daily: The future of Mark Reynolds

The Diamondbacks slugger is poised to continue developing as a top power hitter

Originally Published: August 21, 2009
By Jay Jaffe | Baseball Prospectus

Though the Arizona Diamondbacks' year is a lost cause, third baseman Mark Reynolds is having a season for the ages; his numbers are a statistical freak show unto themselves. Pay a quarter and gawk, because you won't see the likes of them anywhere else.

Getty ImagesYeah, that ball ain't coming back any time soon.

The first thing most fans know about Reynolds is that last year he became the first batter in baseball history to strike out over 200 times in a single season, finishing with 204 and becoming the third player in five seasons to rewrite the record books. He's on pace to obliterate that mark this year, having struck out 168 times through the Diamondbacks' first 122 games: a 223-strikeout pace.

Reynolds isn't a totally undisciplined hacker, however.

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