Intel: Why Scioscia should start Napoli

A highly questionable lineup decision could cost the Angels a division title

Originally Published: April 17, 2009
By Matt Meyers | ESPN The Magazine
Stephen Dunn/Getty ImagesNapoli is a huge offensive upgrade over Mathis.

With the advancement of baseball statistics, it's becoming less and less common to see clubs make egregious lineup mistakes. There was a time in the not-too-distant past when a manager could talk himself into putting a player into the lineup if he thought enough of the guy's intangibles. Nowadays, it isn't so easy to sell that to a media (not to mention an ownership) that's wise to the ways of OBP, isolated power and OPS+.

There are some poor decisions that slip through the cracks, though, one of which is ongoing and as inexplicable as any playing time Neifi Perez ever got.