'I almost feel like I can see evil'

Six years after he was held at gunpoint, Morgan Ensberg is still facing down his fears.

Originally Published: August 23, 2006
By Tom Friend | ESPN The Magazine
There's this one Houston Astro who's full of life. During batting practice, he'll tell Lance Berkman, "I think I'll learn to make sherbet from scratch." Or, in the midst of a pitching change, he'll tell Adam Everett, "Dodger Dogs are the best." Or, between innings, he'll ask Everett, "Cancún this winter?" His teammates love him, but they can't explain him. They can't explain why his pulse never rose during last year's World Series. Or why he won't argue with a bad umpire. Or why, this June and July, he insisted on playing with one good arm.

Brady Quinn
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Or why, when fans ask him in the kindest way for an autograph, he lowers his head, purses his lips, pulls a cross out over his jersey, looks down, signs abruptly, and rushes away.

That one, a lot of people just don't get.

Tom Friend

ESPN.com Senior writer
Tom Friend is a senior writer for ESPN.com and a features reporter for ESPN TV. He has formerly worked for the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, National Sports Daily, Kansas City Star and San Jose Mercury News.