Potential 'mystery team' deals

These deals aren't expected, but could make sense -- including Cano to Mets

Updated: November 10, 2013, 1:55 PM ET
By Dave Cameron | ESPN Insider

Robinson CanoRich Schultz/Getty ImagesRobinson Cano could be a good fit with the New York Mets.

There are plenty of moves every MLB offseason that, from the outside and in retrospect, look fairly predictable. And there are several potential moves this offseason that appear to be great matches. The Tigers want a proven closer, and Joe Nathan is looking for a job shutting the door for a contender. The Giants are looking for another starting pitcher with some upside, and Dan Haren wants to go back to pitch on the West Coast again. The Mariners need a leadoff hitter and a center fielder, and Jacoby Ellsbury is looking for his first and probably only long-term contract.

There are players and teams who look tailor-made for each other, but more often than we might expect, the baseball offseason surprises us. The often mocked "mystery team" has been making more and more appearances of late, with teams signing or trading for players who weren't such obvious fits at the beginning of the offseason. It's happened so often that maybe we should begin to expect the unexpected. So here are three acquisitions that might not seem so obvious, but should be candidates for surprise transactions that make sense in retrospect.

New York Mets sign Robinson Cano.