Free-agent market is thin at 3B

Adrian Beltre is far and away the best free-agent 3B option

Originally Published: November 13, 2010
By Dan Szymborski | Special to ESPN Insider
Adrian BeltreAP Photo/Gail BurtonAdrian Beltre should earn big bucks this winter as a free agent.

We live in a golden age for third basemen. Even with Kung Fu Panda's diet of pies instead of bamboo dropping him out of star territory for the moment, Alex Rodriguez, David Wright, Scott Rolen, Adrian Beltre, Ryan Zimmerman, Chipper Jones, Evan Longoria and Aramis Ramirez constitute an impressive amount of active potential Hall of Famers at a single position. That's even before considering that some of the best sluggers in recent years -- Miguel Cabrera, Jim Thome and Albert Pujols -- all started off in the majors as third basemen. This winter, there's only one excellent option at third, so teams that don't have a good in-house option better be prepared to write a check with a lot of zeroes if they want to upgrade quickly.