The trades that just fell flat


Five Deals That Didn't Happen Last Month
" Mets-Giants: When the Giants and Mets played each other last week, they talked about a Kaz Matsui-for-Edgardo Alfonzo swap. But after watching each guy play firsthand, the Giants decided they didn't like what they saw in Matsui and the Mets weren't wild about Alfonzo, either. So that was that.

" Red Sox-Mets: The Mets were only going to trade Steve Trachsel if they got an impact bullpen arm back. So they were never as close as advertised on sending Trachsel to the Red Sox -- since Boston was also trying to add relievers, not subtract them. The Padres also checked in on Trachsel, but none of their bullpen inventory even made it through waivers. And the Dodgers -- who had the one unclaimed reliever the Mets liked (Duaner Sanchez) -- weren't interested in Trachsel.