The ins and outs of AL GMs

Which general managers are easy to deal with? Which ones love to make trades? Get all the info here.

Originally Published: July 25, 2005
By Steve Phillips | ESPN Insider
As the trade deadline approaches, general managers are checking the scouting reports on the players they are trying to acquire. Clearly, that is an important part of any deal getting done -- finding the right players who fit the needs of a team.

But more important is the man making the deal. A general manager's style and personality can impact the negotiations at this important time of the year. Below are my scouting reports on the American League general managers:

AL East
Theo Epstein, Boston Red Sox
Epstein is very straightforward and serious. He knows what he will do and what he won't. He cuts to the chase in most conversations. There isn't a lot of chitchat, mainly because he doesn't have much in common with other GMs; he is young and single. He is also bright and focused.