Astros, A's on roll

Kruk discusses the great play of the Oakland Athletics and Houston Astros.

Originally Published: August 10, 2005
By John Kruk | ESPN Insider
I'm so glad the steroids discussion is starting to die down after it was disclosed last week that Rafael Palmeiro and Seattle Mariners pitcher Ryan Franklin tested positive. I understand that steroids are news and there is a responsibility to report on it, but it's still difficult to discuss when you love the game as much as must of us do.

It was surprising that anyone was caught by the drug policy for the simple reason that players knew they were going to be tested. How dumb does a guy have to be to get caught for drugs when he knows there is going to be a test? That's just a moronic move, especially when combined with the already stupid move of taking steroids.

Instead of talking about the boneheaded moves of a few players I'd much rather talk about the wild-card races and the great job the Oakland Athletics and manager Ken Macha have done in the past few months. Macha has this team working on all cylinders with Barry Zito pitching his butt off after a lot of people -- including myself -- doubted him after his earlier struggles.

John Kruk

Baseball Tonight analyst
John Kruk, a three-time All-Star outfielder/first baseman, serves as an analyst on ESPN's Emmy Award-winning Baseball Tonight, as well as working select game telecasts. He joined ESPN beginning in the 2004 season.