It's elementary, my dear Casey

Originally Published: August 26, 2005
By Gary Gillette | ESPN Insider
Even though the practice of fundamentals in the game today is about as casual as wearing flip-flops to a meeting with the president of the United States at the White House, there remains a corps of players who earn respect from their peers for playing the game the right way.

Of course, playing the game "the right way" is a matter of judgment, as evidenced by the frequent head-butting between veteran managers and players who have differing ideas of the way the game should be played.

Nonetheless, some players receive virtually universal recognition for their fundamentally sound approach to the game as well as for their tools and their performance. Herewith follows an honor roll of veterans whose names crop up among scouts, coaches, players and analysts when the term fundamentals is run up the center-field flagpole.

Gary Gillette | email MLB insider contributor
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