AL claims ultimate bragging rights

Originally Published: July 12, 2005
By Gary Gillette | ESPN Insider
If there's one thing baseball fans love more than savoring the midseason break at All-Star time, it's arguing about which league is superior. Though interleague play has taken the edge off the century-old distinction between "AL fans" and "NL fans," there's no shortage of partisans of either league who derive great pleasure in putting down the other league and its fans.

As with most baseball arguments, the answer can be found in the statistics -- in this case, in the results of interleague play in both the midsummer and fall classics. While the result of any one All-Star Game or World Series doesn't necessarily prove anything, the results of a score or more of them certainly do. When one takes a look at the historical patterns in interleague play, a very clear picture emerges:

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