Kyle Washington settling in at Hotchkiss 

September, 28, 2011
ESPNU 60 power forward Kyle Washington is still in his first month at a new school after the Minnesota native transferred into the Hotchkiss School to begin his junior season.

A prestigious academic school located in the hills of western Connecticut about an hour removed from any major highway, Hotchkiss is a school that takes getting some used to. Fortunately for Washington, he seems to be transitioning well, taking advantage of all the school has to offer from an academic and athletic standpoint.

"Oh I love it," Washington said last week. "I couldn't wait to get down here. I wouldn't have come unless I was 110 perent confident in Coach Fred [Benjamin]."

Despite being a newcomer, Washington has already established a leadership role within the group thanks to his high motor and vocal personality.

The 6-foot-9 southpaw is best known for his physical tools with great length, athleticism, and mobility but has been putting in the work to expand his game and the results are starting to show. He consistently made midrange jumpers when we watched last week, showed a good understanding of how to seal to score around the rim, and most importantly a desire to continue to work on underdeveloped areas of his game.

"I need to get a little bit stronger," he said, "and just the versatility piece in terms of being able to shoot outside has really helped me recently so I want to keep working on that."

"I just want to be a player," he added, "but if you had to label me hopefully I can develop into a 3 or 4."

On the recruiting front, Washington claims offers from Penn State, Iowa State, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Xavier, and Notre Dame among others while additional interest is coming from places like Clemson, Wake Forest, Washington, Cincinnati, DePaul, and Georgia Tech right now.

"I'm open to everything right now," he said, "but I'm hoping to find a school where they get up and where I can find teammates with the same mindset that I have, both academically and athletically."



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