Textbook approach isn't right for all teams

Updated: June 1, 2004, 3:35 PM ET
By Steve Muench | Scouts, Inc.
Baseball closers and hockey goalies can afford to have an occasional bad game. With just 16 regular-season games and a one-and-done playoff system, NFL quarterbacks don't have the same luxury.

One bad day could cost them a critical game or even the season. Teams bent on winning can't afford to be complacent about their quarterbacks.

Finding a difference-maker to be the No. 1 quarterback and building quality depth behind him is critical. But there's no single strategy for filling out a QB depth chart. In recent seasons, teams have taken several approaches to finding the right mix.

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Steve Muench played four years of Division I-AA football before joining Scouts Inc. in 2002. He has evaluated both NFL and college players for Scouts Inc., but his current focus is on the NFL draft.