Peep Show

Updated: March 30, 2004, 11:32 AM ET
By Jim Wilkie
Detroit Red Wings: Detroit forward Brendan Shanahan said he hasn't thought much about next season much, but he'd prefer to remain with the Red Wings. Detroit holds an option at around $6.5 million that seems a little hefty for 35-year-old coming off his least-productive season since the 1994-95 lockout-shortened season.

Tampa Bay Lightning: Let's play the feud! Before their game Monday, Tampa Bay checking forward Tim Taylor called Ottawa winger Peter Bondra a selfish player who wouldn't fit in with the Lightning. Bondra had this snappy comeback to the Tampa Tribune: "I don't know who Tim Taylor is."

Edmonton Oilers: Edmonton has been one of the NHL's hottest teams lately while surging into playoff contention from way back. But now comes the hard part. The Oilers have to finish the job and need to keep winning in their tough final three games, beginning Tuesday night in a key battle against St. Louis.