Ski Lift

Tanner hall is just what his sport needs: a two-planker who styles like a boarder.

Originally Published: December 8, 2003
By Tim Struby | ESPN The Magazine
The future of skiing is driving to work.

Try to imagine the future of skiing, and this probably isn't the picture that comes to mind. Tanner Hall is not Austrian but a product of Kalispell, Mont. He's not strapping or sturdy but short (5'6") and skinny (140 pounds, give or take). He blares rap and reggae, sprinkles "tight" and "shizzle" into conversation and wears goggles while driving his black Ford pickup truck. His hair is straight, shoulder length and white-blonde, and the athletes he most resembles are Bad News Bears shortstop Tanner Boyle (for whom he is named) and Fast Times at Ridgemont High surfer Jeff Spicoli.