Jameer Nelson Invisible Man

The best guard in college hoops thinks it's about time you got to know his face.

Originally Published: November 10, 2003
By by John Gustafson | ESPN The Magazine
The landscape of his body is covered with tattoos. Chinese characters that read "accomplish all things without fear" run down his right biceps like a column of soldiers marching over a hill. The block-lettered "All Eyes On Me" stretches across his upper back, some of it just peeking above the neckline of his jersey. A tribute to his deceased grandma is on his right arm; a scrolled, unreadable passage from Psalms on his left. And over his heart: "Bad Ass Chester Boy," a shout-out to his Pennsylvania hometown. Jameer Nelson's tattoos, eight in all, are reminders of who he is and all he has accomplished in his first 21 years. It is a story written on the body, a story for all to see.