Trophy Hunter

A long-standing grudge and a devoted dad give Kevin Jones an edge in the Heisman race.

Updated: October 13, 2003, 12:06 PM ET
By Gene Wojciechowski | ESPN The Magazine
Every year, every yard has always been for someone else. For a stillborn brother. For an ailing grandma. And especially for the Penn State yahoos who wrote those hate-filled letters, the ones that began, "Dear N --." (By the way, the word wasn't "Nittany.") But this season, likely his last at Virginia Tech, Kevin Jones finally runs for himself.

Kevin Jones wants the Heisman. And he wants a chance to shake Paul Tagliabue's hand in April and stick it to anyone who ever doubted him. Kevin's dad, Thomas Jones, lives every day to make that happen. You should see them: the football prodigy and the self-taught track and strength coach.