Owens only one of 49ers' concerns

Former GM Randy Mueller tackles questions on Terrell Owens, the Saints' injury concerns and more.

Updated: October 6, 2003, 4:30 PM ET
By Randy Mueller | NFL Insider
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What should the 49ers do with Terrell Owens? Sign him, trade him or just franchise tag him and get a first-round pick out of him? Owens is a top three receiver next to Randy Moss and Marvin Harrison.
-- Juan Paulin
Laguna Hills, Calif.


I think it really depends on where the 49ers think they are as a team. How many other holes do they have to fill? If they think they are close and a playoff team I'd like to see them figure a way to keep him. If not, and they have a lot of other issues to improve on, they need to use his money and any compensation that can get from him to piece together a team that can make a playoff run.