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Updated: September 8, 2003, 2:27 PM ET
By By Darrell Trimble | ESPN Insider
Miami Dolphins: You can question the effectiveness of bulletin board material as a motivating factor for opposing teams, but the comment DE Jay Williams made to some of his friends on the Texans prior to the game certainly did help fire up the second-year team. In the warm-ups today before game Williams ended a conversation with three of his former teammates by saying, "I'll see you guys after this practice." They were only all to willing to share with the rest of the team that the Dolphins viewed the game as a way to keep themselves busy while notching a sure win, and then they went out and shocked the NFL world by beating the heavily favored Dolphins. "It was a slip of words on my part," Williams told the New York Times. "Obviously I meant to say 'game.' But if I gave them extra motivation, I accept that. We still should have played better."

New York Giants: RB Dorsey Levens was upset when he learned that RB Delvin Joyce had earned the backup job to Tiki Barber, but apparently Levens is even behind kick returner Brian Mitchell. With the Giants up 13-6 late in the third quarter, they handed the ball to Mitchell on first-and-goal from the one. Mitchell was being used as the third-down back, but apparently he's also the short-yardage back. Levens had the pleasure of watching it all unfold in street clothes, as he was a healthy inactive ...LT Luke Petigout left the game in the first half with back spasms, but coach Jim Fassel does not believe it will be a lingering problem.