Bama uses inside info to prepare for OU

Originally Published: September 3, 2003
By By Pat Forde | Special to ESPN Insider

Alabama offensive coordinator Dave Rader spent the last three years out of football after being the head coach at Tulsa. But that time away could come in handy for the Crimson Tide Saturday when Oklahoma arrives. Rader watched a whole lot of Oklahoma football during those three years as a businessman, and even wrote a weekly column in a Tulsa paper analyzing the Sooners. If anyone is familiar with Oklahoma's defensive strengths and weaknesses (assuming there are any of the latter), Rader would seem to be the man. "That definitely helps us get a feel for a team we don't see every year," Shula said.

  • Amazingly, Oklahoma is the first No. 1-ranked team to ever visit Tuscaloosa. "They play with a lot of confidence," Mike Shula said of the Sooners. "That's what we've got to do." Perhaps just as surprising is the fact that Alabama has only played six games in Tuscaloosa while ranked No. 1.