Redskins hoping Canidate will emerge

Updated: July 31, 2003, 2:44 PM ET
By By Len Pasquarelli |
ASHBURN, Va. - In an offseason transaction equally motivated by salary-cap considerations and the coaching staff's belief that Stephen Davis was an awkward fit for the Fun-and-Gun offense, the Washington Redskins released the seven-year veteran tailback, and decided to cast their running game lot with younger and largely unproven players.

It was, too be sure, a move the Redskins probably had to make. After all, Davis carried a gaudy $11 million-plus price tag into the 2003 campaign, struggled through injuries late last season, did not endear himself to head coach Steve Spurrier, who coveted a back with more all-around ability, and appeared to be a player in decline.