Writers Bloc: The next generation

Updated: July 9, 2003, 8:59 AM ET
By Jim Baker
  • Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star writes today that Dusty Baker was not being racist in his comments regarding skin color and heat, merely truthful. Kravitz backs up his defense of the Cubs manager with quotes from doctors and research conducted on the internet.

  • While Dontrelle Willis is getting all the notice, the National League rookie pitching class of 2003 has two other members who may qualify for the Most Likely to Succeed accolade. Check today's Insider Write Back feature and you'll find a reader rightfully taking me to task for not giving Brandon Webb of the Diamondbacks more notice for his outstanding efforts to date. The third rookie pitcher worthy of mention is Horatio Ramirez of the Braves. Anthony Dasher discusses his excellent start in today's Athens Banner Herald .

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