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Updated: July 8, 2003, 11:36 AM ET
By By Darrell Trimble
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The prosecutor handling RB Michael Pittman's probation case said Monday it's unlikely the judge will allow a hearing scheduled in two weeks to be postponed until after the season. "That would seem to be way against what she would normally allow," Robert Hubbard, city prosecutor for Tempe, Arizona told the St. Petersburg Times. "There's no way she's going to do that." The she he's referring to is Judge Lorraine Arkfeld, who likely will hear the case. She was the judge that gave Pittman a three-year probation in 2001 after an altercation with his wife, Melissa. Pittman's pretrial conference on the assault charges is July 30, the day after the team leaves for a preseason game in Tokyo. Hubbard said Pittman likely would be granted a waiver of his required personal appearance, allowing him to stay with the Bucs. But there could be a negative to his absence. "The downside to waiving your appearance is you can't testify," Hubbard said. "If you plan on saying, "I didn't do this, it didn't happen that way,' you're losing your right to do that."

Arizona Cardinals: Former S Pat Tillman and his brother Kevin have returned stateside from Operation Iraqi Freedom and have been selected by the Army to participate in a three-month-long elite Ranger training regimen. "The boys have been back for a couple of weeks now, and now they are stationed in the Tacoma, Washington, area," their father, Patrick Tillman Sr., told the Arizona Republic. "They are both healthy and fine, and we, of course, we are very relieved and very happy." The Tillman family patriarch didn't give any hints as to whether Junior would be returning to the gridiron anytime in the near future.