Peep Show

Updated: June 16, 2003, 11:15 AM ET
By By Darrell Trimble
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The team received their Super Bowl rings over the weekend, at yet another party celebrating its championship. After speeches from S John Lynch, QB Brad Johnson, LB Derrick Brooks and DT Warren Sapp, coach Jon Gruden and owner Malcolm Glazer, tuxedoed waiters simultaneously distributed little boxes from Tiffany & Co. According to the St. Petersburg Times, the 14-carat yellow gold ring estimated at about $16,000. Several players from the championship team, such as Super Bowl MVP Dexter Jackson and LB Alshermond Singleton, attended even though they have since signed as free agents with other teams.

Miami Dolphins: Just when it looked like WR Oronde Gadsden was a lock to sign with the Fins, the five-year veteran is now contemplating hooking up with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Dolphins set a deadline for Gadsden to re-sign this week for a one-year deal worth $530,000. But the Palm Beach Post reports Gadsden is in Jacksonville and will undergo a physical today and his agent, Michael Todd, hopes to have immediate discussions with the Jags about a contract. The Jaguars also have expressed interest in J.J. Stokes and Antonio Freeman. They are in need of a No. 2 receiver opposite Jimmy Smith. "When things started to heat up with Jacksonville, I told (the Dolphins) that it was something that we needed to finish investigating," Todd told the Post. "Everything I heard back was that they were fine with that. It wasn't like, 'You come in or else.' "