Sosa may have tarnished image

Updated: June 6, 2003, 8:54 AM ET
By Jim Baker
Obviously, Sammy Sosa needs to be punished for using a corked bat. Whatever the nature of the punishment, however, it should be doubled for using it against the Devil Rays. Come on, Corky! That's like bringing a Hemi Charger to a bicycle race. Here are some reactions to the discovery of cork inside Sosa's bat in Tuesday night's game:

  • Phil Rogers writes: "Sammy Sosa needs a corked bat like Jennifer Lopez needs a little publicity. Or a new boyfriend." He forgot to add, "or a bigger backside" but that's probably because he has more class than I do. He feels Sosa is talented enough to not need this sort of advantage and says so in today's Chicago Tribune.

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