Insider Write Back


Updated: May 7, 2003, 10:50 AM ET
By Jim Baker
Tuesday, I dismissed a proposed plan by the players' union to expand the playoffs as a misguided one. My mail ran slightly in favor of my position. Here are some responses from both camps:

    Please stay on this issue, Jim. For some reason baseball thinks that in order to stay popular or gain popularity it must copy other professional sports leagues, which is absolutely ridiculous. Our only hope is to create a fan backlash against this idea that only dilutes the importance of the regular season even further. Since baseball is such a marathon, teams should be rewarded more for dominance over the long term (162 games) than the short term, a playoffs with so many series that each one brings us further and further away from crowning the actual best team.

    Steve Berman
    Santa Cruz, Calif.
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