On Posada's defense, Meche's health, more

Updated: May 2, 2003, 2:03 PM ET
Special to ESPN Insider

  • Jorge Posada is probably the best catcher in the (American) League right now. He's receiving better and throwing extremely well. His footwork has always been pretty good, but now his arm is healthy. I had him at 1.9 (seconds from glove-to-glove) throwing out Randy Winn the other night. He just seems much more confident with his throwing.

  • If Gil Meche can stay healthy, the Mariners have a deep rotation. Meche is throwing hard again (93-95 with the fastball), and he's able to locate both of his breaking pitches (curve and slider) for strikes. He's potentially a top-of-the-rotation guy for them now that he's healthy again.