Bracketology Insider: Syracuse

Updated: February 26, 2003, 12:45 PM ET
Editor's note: Each week Bracketology Insider will take an in-depth look at teams headed for the NCAA Tournament ... or not.

Feb. 26

Week in review
From a perception level, Syracuse's win over Michigan State (No. 37 RPI, No. 10 SOS) may have been its biggest of the season. Certainly Notre Dame (No. 5 RPI, No. 7 SOS), Pittsburgh (No. 21 RPI, No. 61 SOS) and Missouri (No. 24 RPI, No. 18 SOS) are more impressive scalps, but those were at the Carrier Dome. Until Sunday, Syracuse had barely left central New York, let alone won against a solid opponent away from the Dome.