NBA Draft 2002 Head to Head:
Wallace v. Nene

Updated: June 20, 2002, 4:09 PM ET
By by Terry Brown and Chad Ford
Insider gives you a revealing look at how the current top draft prospects stack up against the NBA player they resemble most.


Garbage time begins now. Offensive rebounds for tip dunks, loose balls in the paint, point-blank bank shots. Period. Come on, the brother once shot 30 percent from the free-throw line in a season. For his career, he's 33 percent. Don't confuse apples with oranges here. Wallace doesn't score. Never has, maybe never will. In college, he averaged only 12.5 for NCAA Div. II Virginia Union but shot 50 percent. Shoots 50 percent now, he just doesn't shoot very often. Not in his nature. Never scored more than 20 in his career. There were two bench players on his own team who averaged more points than him. Wallace averaged 7.6 during the regular season and 7.3 in the playoffs, thank you very much. When do we get to box out and play defense?


Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer