Ohio State minus-3, plus CFB line moves  

November, 18, 2010

Even wiseguys feel the grind. They're no different than anyone else -- doctors, lawyers, ditch diggers, sportswriters, cloud computing engineers. Come November, when the weather starts to chill and the sky gets too dark a little too early, everyone heads into a little bit of a funk.

In the handicapping world, especially the college football handicapping world, November is a particularly fatigue-inducing month. At this point, sharps are two months into everyday analysis of college and pro football when, like a kick to the shins, college hoops and the NBA starts up. When I was in Las Vegas last week, I met Alan Boston and Teddy Covers at a bar one night for an event we were all invited to. The drinks were free, the mini mac-and-cheese balls were choice and the ladies were pretty. And yet for the first part of the night, Boston and Covers looked bleary-eyed as they talked about how many college hoops games were on the board in the coming days -- and how far behind they were in their work. Don't worry; they rallied before the night was over, but it was touch-and-go for a minute there.

I got the same response when I dialed up Sal from madduxsports.com to talk college football line moves. Immediately, I could sense he was off. "It's just draining," he told me. "The NBA is so much easier to beat at this time of year compared to college football. Just take a look at injuries. They pile up right now. In the middle of the season, you start to get a feel for these teams, but later it becomes hard to trust the numbers for certain teams because they don't have the players that produced those numbers to begin with."

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