Going deeper with your intel 

June, 10, 2010

News flash: Every bet is based on information. Great tip, I know. But it's not enough anymore to go to your favorite website or check out the latest stats on the league pages. Basing bets on NFL yards-per-game or ERA or 3-point field goal percentage won't keep you in the sports book long enough to get a free drink ticket. You need to know yards-per-play, and if a lefty coming off the DL is pitching for the favorites, and an NBA team's defensive efficiency rating. The best bettors dig deeper and find info that is specifically designed to help them win. Or at least make them feel like they have a puncher's chance.

Millman goes pretty deep in this article, and it's the final of four posts on the topic (six if you count some previous work). If you're going to wager money at any level on the action in South Africa, you should read these entries. To do so, though, you must be an ESPN Insider.