Your guide to World Cup betting (Part 1) 

June, 7, 2010

This article appears in the June 14 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

You may remember this JP Morgan study I discussed back on May 27. I'm now going to roll out four new items related to the 2010 World Cup, all from ESPN The Magazine. As always, hit me with thoughts -- ways to contact me are along the right rail.

Just think for a moment about how much the rest of the world loves -- nay, adores -- soccer. In fact, the global fervor for the game makes America's passion for the NFL seem quaint. As Bono notes in that ubiquitous World Cup promo that's set to the opening riffs of U2's "Magnificent," the borders that divide us fade away during this tournament, because soccer is the game that unites.

Millman goes pretty deep in this article, and it's just the first of four posts on the topic (six if you count some previous work). If you're going to wager money at any level on the action in South Africa, you should read these entries. To do so, though, you must be an ESPN Insider.